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The chronicle of the association

After our yearlong voluntary service in Namibia, we needed a legally secure and transparent basis for our long-term support and decided to found a non-profit organization. You can learn about how our support looks like specifically under Commitment.

Every three years, the financial authorities check our figures and activity reports to verify the management of the association and the presence of charitable activity. If this is the case, a notice of exemption is issued again for three years. This notice exempts us from tax and entitles us to issue donation receipts.

We appreciate the opportunity that after 7 years we are still allowed to do our association work and to manage the donations entrusted to us. We also know about the responsibility which hereby rests on our shoulders. Therefore, we strive for more and more transparency.

September 2014 to August 2015

Yearlong voluntary service with the German Red Cross in the field of development policy

September 2015 to December 2015

Founding of the association, entry in the register of associations (e.V.) and recognition of charitable status

March 2021

Founding & Registration as “Non-Profit Association Incorporated Under Section 21″

Voluntary Initiatives

January 2018

Introduction of own guidelines against corruption

March 2019

Part of the German initiative “Transparent civil community”

July 2020

Part of the German initiative “Charter of diversity”- For diversity in the working environment

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is our guideline.

It is the philosophy of our association to spend all collected donations personally on site and never giving them into the hands of a third party. We ensure this by settling all costs directly with the respective service provider. We regularly go on project trips to Namibia to maintain the personal contact to our colleagues on site and receive a current insight into their wishes and needs. The collaboration and communication on eye-level is more important to us than the pure flow of money.


The individual person and his/her needs are always paramount to us.


We collaborate and communicate with our project partners on eye-level.


We don’t advertise with the misery on this planet but with results.


We don’t want to teach but learn from each other and grow together.

Our Transparency

Four concepts are paramount to our association work.


We consist of a small team but obtain the highest possible effect. We have a personal and direct relation to all our project partners and scholarship holders. It is our aim to always have at least one team member based in Namibia.


We ensure that every donation reaches where it is really needed. Our promise is to never give donations to a third party but directly to the respective service provider. For us, the focus on education is the highest possible form of sustainability because what we learn and experience as children can never again be taken from us.


We orient our philosophy towards the guideline for prevention and combat of corruption. The anti-corruption guideline drawn up by us mirrors the self-perception and the obligation to act responsibly, lawfully and by ethical and moral values.
More under anti-corruption.

Flood of information

There are no uniform publishing regulations for charitable organisations in Germany, but our opinion is: Who acts for the public welfare should also be transparent to the public. We published 10 points which should be made accessible to the public by every organisation.
More under Transparency.


Every 3 months we send our informative and entertaining newsletter about us, our projects and report on the everyday life of the local people in Namibia. Subscribe to us and be updated. You can find our privacy policy here.

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Wir haben das OPEN DOORS Education Centre (ODEC) in Namibia gebaut. Hier klicken für mehr Informationen.
We've built the OPEN DOORS Education Centre (ODEC) in Namibia. Click here for more information.