• Transparent Civil Community

Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V made the decision to voluntarily take part in the German initiative “Transparente Zivilgesellschaft”(Transparent Civil Community)

There are no uniform publishing regulations for charitable organizations in Germany, but our opinion is: Who acts for the public welfare should also be transparent to the public. Following the initiative of Transparency International Deutschland e.V., numerous participants from the civil and scientific community defined ten basic points every charitable organization should make accessible to the public. Signers of the initiative voluntarily oblige themselves to make those ten points easily available on their homepage and keep them up to date:

1. Name, Location, Address and Founding year

Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V.
Hartwichstrasse 59/61
50733 Cologne

Tangeni Shilongo Namibia
P.O. Box 676
13001 Swakopmund

Founding year in Germany: 2015
Founding year in Namibia: 2021

2. Complete constitution

The purpose of the association is the furtherance of children, youth and family aid, the furtherance of needy people, the furtherance of non-governmental organizations, short NGO, and the furtherance of charity, the international spirit and international communication. Furtherance happens exclusively in Namibia.

The aim is to ensure children and adolescents access to education, who cannot afford the visit of educational institutions (like e.g. kindergarten, school, university) due to financial issues. We do not only want to create space for education but also promote the social participation of the children and adolescents by creating encounters and enabling the contact to other children and adolescents.

We reach our goals by paying the salaries to the pedagogic staff, granting educational scholarships to motivated young people, building up of schooling and community rooms, providing warm and vitamin-rich meals, implementing sport und educational programmes and organizing educational trips.

Our complete Namibian statute can be found under  “constitution”.

3. Notice of exemption


According to the notice of exemption from 09.03.2022 issued by the tax office Cologne North, the association is approved as tax-privileged, charitable body and exempted from the corporate tax and business tax. It is entitled to issue donation receipts.

You can find the current notice of exemption here as PDF.


The association has been registered and recognized as a non-profit association in Namibia since March 2021. Our financial books are audited annually by the local authorities in Namibia. You can find the registration documents here as PDF.

4. Name and function of decision-makers

According to our statute the organs of the association are the board and the membership meeting.

Members of the board are:

Volkan Sazli (1st director)
Malina John (2nd director)
Theresa Rhode (3rd director)

5. Report of activity

Our Booklet
(In this we summarize our association work since its foundation in 2015.
There should be two pages next to each other – otherwise please refresh.)

6. Structure of management

The members of the executive board/management work honorarily and free of charge.

7. Source and application of funds

– In revision –

8. & 9. Social association with third parties

There are no contractual associations with third parties (e.g. parent and subsidiary company, support association, outsourced enterprise, partner organization), which have a significant influence on decisions made in our organization.

10. Payments making up more than 10% of the annual budget

We did not receive large donations from private persons that make up more than 10% of our annual income.


Why is Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V. not carrying the well-known donation seal of the DZI
(German Central Institute for social questions)?

We consciously decided against the donation seal of the DZI.

The DZI exists since 1893 as foundation. Responsible are the city of Berlin, the ministry for family, seniors, women and youth, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the German association of cities and towns as well as the federal working group for non-governmental welfare services

We view the high costs charitable organizations must annually pay for the request and receiving of the seal very critically. Especially for small and middle-sized organizations, this donation seal is simply too expensive, also for us. Our administrative costs would rise by approximately 1000 € annually if we were given the DZI seal. On the one hand, the DZI only allows statute-conform administrative costs of 30% but on the other hand, it rises them itself through the high costs associated with requesting and receiving of the seal.

Thank you for your understanding.

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