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Elke Reinauer is not only an excellent actress and a dedicated writer

She is also the founder of the association “Creabuntu” based in Namibia. Elke contacted us in 2017 and told us that she is looking for a platform in Germany to collect donations. We were thrilled about her plans to provide to the children and young people the opportunity to develop self-confidence, creativity, integrity, discipline, empathy and courage through art and theatre, aiming to forge adults with strong personality, changemakers. Creabuntu takes place as an afternoon offer in the suburb of the township Katutura in Windhoek. We didn’t hesitate for a second to give her the support she needed and make her part of our family.

Create and Ubuntu: I am because you are.

Creabuntu wants to create a place in Katutura where children and young people have the opportunity to look beyond their own horizons and discover completely new possibilities – in themselves and in others. This aspect is also reflected in the project name: “Create” means creation and design. And there is great power in this process.

“I am because you are” is the South African life concept “Ubuntu. ” The idea behind this concept of life is at the heart of the project. It is about becoming stronger through community. The aim of “Creabuntu” is to offer an art school as an afternoon program in Katutura. In this afternoon’s programme, the following activities will be offered: acting lessons, music lessons, homework supervision, lunch.

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