I met the founders Volkan and Malina in 2014, as well as Theresa in 2015, when they came as Volunteers to Namibia to support me in the DRC School Project & Community Centre as volunteers. During that year I served as Project Coordinator at the Centre and we worked closely together. I saw Volkan and Malina reaching out to the community’s needs. They always had the dream to improve the situation for as many people as possible but as volunteers had no funds and means to follow up.

When they went back to Germany, we stayed in touch. They stayed all ambitious, always curious and so their involvement still continued even from a far distance. And I was introduced to the idea of opening the association “Tangeni Shilongo Namibia“. Since then the NGO has grown so much. As I have been the main contact person at the centre since then, they saw the need for me to become a board member of the Namibian Sister Association. And I appreciate their trust and proudly took my position.

Looking at the community that I am serving, Tangeni Shilongo Namibia’s support is very important because they follow the idea to provide education for everyone. We see kids that cannot find a place in school or cannot continue with school or university due to financial struggles. So having an association that the community can rely on during these struggles make life easier for the children.

I’m very ambitious and passionate and goal driven to reach out to the community and assist where I can. Throughout the years I have gained experience as an Educator, I have learned to speak the local languages to make communication easy between me, the children and community at large. Because of my passion and love for community I have developed a motherly relationship with most of the kids. I trust they can rely on me with their challenges they face.

Looking forward to a bright future with TSN. I always had dreams of closing the gap between towns and the informal settlements in providing information centres for the less privileged children and this dream has become a reality with TSN with the OPEN DOORS Education Centre and the DRC School Project. With the current commitments of the team and our hard work more children will be assisted and their future will be secured academically. It is with great passion that over a decade I still believe every child deserves an equal opportunity and it shouldn’t be determined by the circumstances or the situation they find themselves in.