Jens Detmold

The process as goal.

When I came many years ago from Germany to Namibia to help my uncle on the farm, life was happy and free. Independency came shortly afterwards and Namibia became a republic. I worked many years as farm- and hotel manager in many parts of the country until I moved to Swakopmund. Here, I started to take a look behind the curtain when I visited the townships and saw that there are people who – due to lack of food and education opportunities – live from hand to mouth. I started to commit myself: in the church council and on site in social projects. Today, I drive almost daily into the townships Mondesa and DRC (Democratic Resettlement Community), where there is no electricity and water. My biggest joy is to see, that there are young people in Germany committing themselves to alleviate the misery in Namibia even though they are not obliged to do so.

As confidant of the German Red Cross in Namibia, I got to know Malina, Volkan and Theresa years ago. All of them worked in the DRC School Project & Community Centre in Swakopmund. I quickly realized that those volunteers wanted to do more than teaching. I could tell because even in their free time, they were busy collecting donations from the local businesses to maintain and supply the school operation. After their return to Germany, they didn’t forget the children. They founded a charitable association with the goal to supply the children here with classrooms, teaching material, water, electricity and food. They wanted free access to education for everyone. This is a big, difficult task concerning the fact that they live in Germany and have to build up their own lives.

During the years, they achieved a lot with donations and their precise, controlled use here on site. Their help reaches the people directly. Hereby, I want to thank Theresa Rhode, Malina John and Volkan Sazli for the continuous and sustainable help. Without education there is no future for the poor people in Namibia. Even in the corona crisis, help came immediately and I was moved to tears.

It is a long path the three are going, but it is worth it. And I will support them as long as I can.”