Boys and girls in Namibia face social problems on a daily basis. Drugs, violence, diseases as well as early pregnancies in several cases are serious problems which they should not have to face alone. Newspapers reported that at least 3.600 schoolgirls became pregnant in 2020. For most of these young women, this means the end of their school career, as they do not want to, are not allowed to or are not able to return to school for fear of stigmatisation and obligations towards their children. Good education can counteract this threatening trend. For this purpose, ODEC will offer life skills courses to raise awareness, in which trained staff will not only carry out preventive work, but also create an environment of trust so that the girls can talk openly and honestly about concerns, needs and problems of this kind. Furthermore, experts will provide education on infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, but also on childcare or health. We plan to hold an event once a month and more often if there is a need and demand.