Oasa Taradi means literally translated, “diligent women”. Behind these two words, a women’s cooperative based in Windhoek is concealed. Single mothers are producing traditional craft work with African plant and animal motives.

Oasa Taradi started in 1989 as a project of the Namibian Red Cross Society with the assistance of the Canadian Red Cross. This centre provided basic needlework skills to the women and in the afternoons they used sewing machines provided for the mending of used clothing. In 1993 an independent trust was set up by 25 women with the aim of becoming self-supporting. Many of the women are single mothers and sole income earners; they are paid according to embroidered work completed. A small group of volunteers from the International Community (spouses of consultants, teachers and diplomats) help the women develop their range of products and assist in the quality of their products.