Malina John

“I – like all of us – have always known that education is the key to success and prosperity. But only a year of voluntary service in a township in Namibia showed me that it is indeed much more than this: It is a privilege and a chance for equality and collaboration on eye-level. I was given this privilege as a gift for which I am very grateful. Namibia, the unique people I could get to know there and the children always expecting me in the School Project gave me the strong belief that with this gift goes along the responsibility to pass it on. With the association we wanted to create a framework which allows us to grant as many children and adolescents the access to free education as possible. This is an ambitious goal going along with a lot of effort and high costs (school materials, salaries of teachers, tuition fees, etc.). For this we need the moral and financial support of many people. The association entitles us to issue donation receipts and provides us with the official framework which makes it easier for us to find this people – and to be found. We want to follow our goal – education for everyone – with energy and enthusiasm even though we will meet many hard times and hurdles on the way. But each successful graduation – from the kindergarten via the school to the university – will give us the confirmation and motivation to go on, to hang on to our ideals, to defend and fight for them.”