Founded by Ivanna & Mike Kriner in 2004, the “DRC School Project & Community Centre” is located on sandy soil of the Namib Desert in the area of the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC), a “township” of Swakopmund in Namibia and is one of the few places in the “township” that has running water, connected sanitary facilities and electricity. In the hope of finding work, many people from the north of Namibia move to the coast, which has led to the formation of poor suburbs in recent years. For example, many of the people living there have no or only irregular work and are forced to live under unfavourable conditions in the “township” of DRC. In DRC, more than 25,000 residents live in corrugated iron huts, without electricity and running water. It is an informal settlement that is only tolerated by the city.

We want to support the school project in the long term:

  • the continuous supply of teaching and school materials,
  • the payment of teachers’ salaries;
  • taking over the costs of fruit and vegetables
  • the regular renovation of the school containers and the maintenance of the playground

The school project is a non-governmental organisation that depends on material and financial donations and, despite the little money available, takes children and young adults off the streets and enriches their lives with a lot of fun. Together with the school project, we have created a wide range of educational opportunities for this purpose.

Teachers of the DRC School Project

Dina M.

Efraemine N.

Bernice E.

Grace T.

Rejoice T.

Insights in the daily life of the project

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Wir bauen das OPEN DOORS Education Centre (ODEC) in Namibia. Hier klicken für mehr Informationen.
We're building the OPEN DOORS Education Centre (ODEC) in Namibia. Click here for more information.