Sebastian Meyer, in the internet also called Rewinside, or shortly “Rewi”, has more than 3 million followers on YouTube and is therefore one of the most known webvideo producers in Germany. But his job has not always been being a YouTuber: He successfully completed his training as real estate agent and commits himself together with an insurance company for the advertisement of vocational training places in the field of handicraft. Incidentally, he even performs as a DJ from time to time with his music project “notsocool”. An Allrounder through and through.

We enjoy the support from one of Germany’s most successful YouTubers. The YouTuber organizes a 24hrs charity live-stream once a year. Since 2016 it is an established institution in the YouTuber’s programme. For 24 hours, an entertaining, diverse and exciting programme with prominent guests is offered to all spectators in which everyone has the possibility to donate an optional amount. In the last years (2016, 2017, 2019) a donation amount of around 150.000 € was gathered due to the participation of numerous sponsors, spectators and guests, which was meant for national and international projects. Also our association could enjoy the generous support with which we could not only cover running costs but could also make other projects possible. In 2017, we went to Namibia together with Rewinside where he could convince himself of the School Project personally on site. Thank you for this long-term, intensive friendship, dear Sebastian.