Theresa Rhode

“When I got to know my previous volunteers Malina and Volkan during my voluntary service, I soon realized that there was something connecting us: A passionate mission to sustainably make a change together with the people in Namibia. Inspired by the vigour and determination of the two of them, the idea to join the association and actively take part in the board arose fast. This decision was surely as right as the first step of going to Namibia. Until now, my commitment has not only become my life task but it also connects me with people with whom I can follow my goals – irrespective of languages and borders. Through the collaboration with the community on site, in which I was once working, we learn directly and without detours where help is needed. The people on site turn to us trustfully and amiably. The exchange on eye-level is very important for me regarding the association work as well as giving every person with whom we are working and to whom our commitment is directed a voice, and thereby making multi-perspective decisions and always critically question them. I learned many things from friends in Namibia – one thing is for sure: The life there is not easy, but no one gives up hope on a better life. We as an association assume the role as a companion who offers chances, motivates, and can give hope, on all paths. Meanwhile, we observe how children turn into dutiful adolescents and how adolescents grow up to be responsible adults who strive to actively change their future instead of just accepting their current situation. Our work sets the basis for a functional community, the basis of education. Because only who learns to reflect critically is able to make own, independent decisions and to change the world a little bit.”