Volkan Sazli

“Through the exciting stories of a friend about the country and the people of Namibia, I was getting excited about this for me so unknown and far-away country. Each year she would travel with contagious love of adventure and lots of anticipation to Namibia. One day I suddenly had to refrain from her stories about Namibia, e-mails and postcards kept missing, emptiness and sadness spread. In the year 2011, I lost a very dear person due to the late effects of a catastrophic car accident in Namibia. This life event strongly marked me and put my power of resistance to the test. I decided to absolve a yearlong voluntary service in Namibia. After this yearlong service during the year 2014/15, my fellow volunteer and I decided to found an association to ensure the sustainability of our work. The individual person and his/her needs are always paramount to our association work. We want to serve in a humble and undemanding way and do this with a lot of acknowledgement and respect towards the people of Namibia. In the last year we made many positive but also many negative experiences. We learned that problems, life crises, senseless fates and defeats are an established part of the everyday life, everywhere, worldwide. But we also learn from defeats and draw-backs and through them we feel even more motivated to make an even bigger effort, because we have the basic trust that everything will turn out well. And we could explicitly feel and experience one thing: Commitment unites. My goal in life is the free unreserved access to education, for all children and adolescents in Namibia.”