Origin of the association

The DRC Children Choir is an initiative of the African Vocals© band.  

African Vocals is a male a-cappella band from Swakopmund in Namibia, that was founded in 2012, with a good expertise of music, each individual singer with  different skills in singing, dancing, drumming and arranging songs. Their repertoire consists of traditional  Namibian and African songs in different ethnic languages, but also of other genres.

With the members of the band having the same underprivileged and disadvantaged background and experience, African Vocals want to share their music talent and experience as artists. They want to give hope and inspiration to their local township and give an example to children how to reach a dream with hard work and commitment. With this agenda they commit themselves to charity projects in Mondesa and DRC in Swakopmund.

DRC Children Choir at DRC School Project in Action

How it started

Throughout 2019, the band went around the DRC informal settlement, inciting kids to join a community choir.

The aim was firstly to give them motivation, life empowering enrichment and entertainment through singing and dancing, and mostly to make them realize they are not left in their situation.

One by one, they try to find out what are the struggles that stop the kids to attend school regularly. In the past, the band has already supported similar projects with some funds from their concerts.

Founders & Members

African Vocals, represented by its leader Joel Nambuli, and 5 other founding members, decided in 2020 to create a vibrant children community choir in the informal settlements of Swakopmund, with the aim of expanding the diversity of music in the community as a universal language that creates peace and harmony.

The idea was to create a project that was born in the community itself and run by members of the community, unlike many other projects in the townships. The main objective that they hope to achieve is to help encourage the children to attend school regularly, keep them off the street, and to give educational and emotional support.

DRC Children Choir contacted us, Tangeni Shilongo Namibia, in 2021 to be part of a network and to have a platform in Europe that will enable them to collect donations. We met in 2021, to set the cooperation basis in order to develope the choir activities.

Bank Account Germany:
Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V.
Sparkasse Köln Bonn
DE98 3705 0198 1936 0470 65

No reference needed – own IBAN.

Donation Receipt

For German Donors: For donations up to €300, the bank statement in conjunction with our simplified donation receipt is sufficient for tax deduction. However, we will of course continue to issue individual donation receipts upon request. We ask you, if a donation receipt is desired and the donation exceeds 300 €, to mention your complete name and address in the reference. Thank you very much!

Donation Receipt (PDF)

Bank Account Namibia:
Tangeni Shilongo Namibia

Acc. No. 8023783017
Branch Code: 481-772
Branch: Swakopmund

Reference: DRC Children Choir

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