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    Musician EES

Our Ambassador
Eric Sell alias EES

EES is a German Namibian artist and music producer. His music style is a mixture of the music genres Kwaito, African House, Afro Pop and Afro Reggae, which he calls “NAM Flava Music” (Namibian influenced music). The influence of Afrikaans, English and German can be clearly seen in his lyrics.

EES has been a musician and producer since 2001. He finished his training as a sound engineer in South Africa in 2003. In 2004 EES moved to Germany to work on his career and to make Namibia and also modern Namibian music better known in German-speaking countries. His songs are particularly popular in Namibia’s youth due to its typically German-Namibian language.

EES does not only make music, but also has his own fashion label, his own energy drink “WUMA” and his own spice blend “Nam Flava Spice“.

EES brings spice on the market
Here you can learn more about the own spice mix of EES called “NAM Flava Spice”
Sneakers & Vellies
The whole variety of EES shoes. Here you can learn the whole story.
The energy drink WUMA
Here you can learn more about EES’ own energy drink “WUMA” and how it went international.

More about EES

In Namibia, EES is what Herbert Grönemeyer, Felix Jaehn or Helene Fischer are in Germany.  He is one of the biggest music stars in the country. With his style he not only combines different music styles, but also the cultural diversity of Namibia. EES – whose real name is Eric Sell – was born and raised in the Namibian capital Windhoek, but now lives in Bonn.

With his music style, he may seem a bit rough to some people. On closer inspection however, the rooibos tea-drinker EES is a fine guy. His blue VW bus is known throughout Namibia. He is no longer just a musician, but a culturally influential artist and even a businessman. He designs fashion and pleasure products which are an absolute winner on the market. EES raps mostly in German and is one of Namibia’s most famous musicians, alongside Gazza and The Dogg. Performances at the Summerjam Festival 2013 in Cologne or during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa made him even more popular. In the meantime, he is touring Germany and is a frequent guest in TV shows.

EES loves being with friends, acquaintances and fans and is a star for close contact. One who listens to other people’s wishes. On the other hand, he also needs so time to rest – to allow himself a bit of quietness. Occasionally, after a long day, he sits on the floor of his living room, closes the windows, darkens the rooms and just watches movies. He puts his smartphone away several times a week for a long time – to calm down. When we contacted him and asked him if he wanted to be an ambassador of our association, he agreed right away. Thank you, EES, for being a part of us now.


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New single Magic

“Magic” is the new single from EES and is intended to spread a very special and positive energy. The new song could not have appeared at a more appropriate time. At a time when the whole world is in a global crisis. EES has encouraged all its fans to send video clips to become part of the new music video and thus build a sense of community in times of social distancing and growing nationalism. His message: “Let’s build a stronger Namibia together!”

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