• Commitment

How our commitment started:

The association arose out of the desire to make the one-year voluntary service at the DRC School Project & Community Centre more sustainable. We wanted to support the school project materialistically and financially in the long term so that the free educational offer for children and young adults would continue to be accessible. It was also a matter close to our hearts to support Tangeni Shilongo and to follow the family’s path. Later we started our OPEN DOORS scholarship programme and had to start a national COVID-19 emergency aid due to the pandemic.

We were overjoyed to see how from the initial wish to help on a small scale, an enormous willingness to donate developed. We have grown continuously and were able to implement many sustainable projects together with and for the people in Namibia.

September 2015

Construction of a wall surrounding the DRC school project to protect the children

March 2016

Buying & upgrading a ship container: construction of a library

December 2016

Construction of a playground: seesaw, swing, slide

May 2017

Launch of a fruit kitchen: weekly distribution of fruits and vegetables

January 2018

Launch of our OPEN DOORS scholarship programme

May 2018

Purchase and installation of a ship container: construction of a kitchen

March 2019

Renovation and extension of existing sanitary facilities

March 2020

COVID-19 Emergency Aid: nationwide food supply in Namibia

January 2021

Start of the idea “OPEN DOORS Education Centre” and application for property

November 2021

Acquisition of the 1,886 m2 plot and visualization of our idea.

July 2022

Receipt of final approval for construction. Completion of construction planned for mid-2024.

I have the right to education, school and vocational training.

I have the right to play, to do arts and participate in cultural life.

I have the right to receive an appropriate health care.

Our locations

We are active in the capital Windhoek and in Swakopmund on the Atlantic coast of Namibia. Our scholarship holders are based in Windhoek whereas Swakopmund is the home of our sponsor family Shilongo and the DRC School Project & Community Centre.

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Wir haben das OPEN DOORS Education Centre (ODEC) in Namibia gebaut. Hier klicken für mehr Informationen.
We've built the OPEN DOORS Education Centre (ODEC) in Namibia. Click here for more information.