Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V.

The association

The association “Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V” for the furtherance of children, youth, family aid and non-governmental organizations in Namibia is registered at the district court Cologne and was granted its benefit to the public through the fiscal authorities Cologne-North in December 2015.

The association arose from the wish to support the single mother Beatha Shilongo, to guarantee her an assurance of good health and to give access to education for her son. Further on, we would like to continue our material support of the School Project & Community Centre, so that it can provide further programmes for the children and teenagers.

The basic module for this association is placed, but we still have many big challenges in front of us. These challenges can be overcome with the help and support of sponsors and like-minded individuals. Our association’s philosophy is to spend the money personally on site and never give it into the hands of a third party. We are achieving this goal by taking journeys to Namibia every six months, which not only ensures the personal contact with our colleagues at the Project but also helps to get an idea of their wishes and needs. Good collaboration and communication are more important to us than only concentrating on the flow of money.


The Team

Volkan Sazli 1st chairman

Volkan is working as artist assistant at space artist management. His primary area of responsibility consists of: public relations work, fundraising and winning sponsorships.


Malina John 2nd chairwoman

Malina studies Biochemistry at the Eberhard-Karls Universität in Tübingen. Her primary area of responsibility consists of: Finances and international representation of the association.


Theresa Rhode Advisory Board

Theresa studies Social Work at the college Erfurt. As an advisor, she is supporting the management board in all its functions. She is taking over the communication to external service providers and manages own projects in Namibia.


Jens Detmold Trust Person

Jens works as Assistant Manager in the Golf Club at Rossmund Lodge in Swakopmund and as confident on site, he takes care of all projects in Namibia during our absence and is our contact person in all respects.



DRC School Project & Community Centre

The School Project & Community Centre, where we spent a year as volunteers with the help of the German Red Cross, is situated on the sandy grounds of the Namib desert, in the midst of the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC); a slum in the Namibian town Swakopmund. This project serves the whole community of more than 25,000 residents and concentrates on the needs of children and teenagers. The hope for work attracts many people from the North of Namibia to come to the coast, during the last decade this lead to the formation of poor suburbs. This is why most of the people living in the DRC do not have any or just irregular work and are forced to live under unfavourable circumstances. A few thousand people are living there without electricity and running water.

The School Project uses large containers to form its classrooms. Two of the classrooms are made of three wielded containers. There are two separate containers as well which act as classrooms for the pre-schoolers.

In the large containers of the DRC School Project & Community Centre, children and teenagers who have difficulties attending a governmental school receive free education from volunteers and paid employees. The variety of offered facilities range from homework assistance to computer classes.

This Centre is a non-governmental organisation which is surviving through material and financial donations. Despite the small and limited funding, the School Project is able to take children from the street and give them back pleasure in life.

We want to continue our support for the School Project. This support includes providing provisions of a range of learning materials for the numerous children as well as small and big renovation work to transform this place into a paradise for children, so all our fosterlings can enjoy their childhood carefreely and to the utmost.

Courses for children without a space in school

Many families are financially unable to send their children to school. They don’t have the necessary means to pay for the required school uniform and learning materials. Additionally, there is the issue of overcrowding so that many children are not allowed to register due to lack of school spaces. Those children must spend the year in another way. We want to offer them the opportunity of free education that will bridge the time gap until they can go to a governmental school. Because many children are alone during most of the day, it is very important to us to give them a meaningful activity, thereby keeping them away from the street where the risk of getting in contact with criminality and drugs is high.


At the same time with the here-mentioned programmes, more than 60 children at the age of 3 to 7 years can be supervised at the Pre-School. Here, the children are getting prepared for school by learning following skills: counting from 1 to 20, weekdays, months, writing of their own name and others. Through the supervision of the competent pedagogue who is also fluent in English, the kids have less trouble in acquiring this language. Even though some children are too young for the Pre- School, those are taken whose parents don’t have the time to take care of their own child during the day because they must work to feed their family. Supporting those families is for us -as a community – an implicitness.

Homework classes in the morning

Many children living in one of the townships Mondesa or DRC have difficulties following the school lessons because they have deficits in reading and writing. The teachers at the governmental schools don’t have the time to offer individual training. For this reason, a homework class is given from 8- 12am. before the children need to go to the governmental school which starts at 1pm. During the homework classes, they not only receive support with their homework but also small courses in mathematics, geography and biology, among others. Additionally, they are trained in reading and writing if needed to get them on the same education level as their classmates.

Homework classes in the afternoon

From 3 to 5pm, the School Projects offers homework classes for the grades 1 to 12 during which they can do their homework with the support of the volunteers. We provide school materials like pens, pencils, paper, glue and scissors and run a library for everyone’s use so they can perform well in their research projects. If needed information is not found, the volunteers can surf the internet for better results. The School Project has a WLAN connection.


Since recently, children and adolescents can use our newly installed library from 3 to 5 pm. The library is a place of reading, relaxing and quietness. Through the diverse selection of books from fantasy via novels to non-fiction books, there is something for everyone. Additionally, we have the opportunity to use the library as classroom in the morning.

Community Centre

In its role as community centre, the School Project offers a variety of services for adolescents and adults, e.g. support in formulating application letters, creating of CVs, scanning and copying of important documents and the offer of language courses. The aim is to provide support in the search for employment. Furthermore, the library is available to the whole community where they can borrow books for free.


We do not only offer the access to free education but also to fun and joy and the opportunity of an unburdened childhood. Through the construction of the playground we promote the children’s motoric development because here they find the opportunity to discover their physical abilities, acquire skills and experience boundaries. The playground has become a place of togetherness.


Family Shilongo
Beatha, Tangeni, Jonas

We’ve got to know Beatha Shilongo in the year 2014. Since then a valuable friendship evolved. When our name giver Tangeni Shilongo was born in May 2015, we decided for a sponsorship. We are financing the health insurance to ensure free access to hospitals, doctors and medications. Since 2018, Tangeni is visiting the Pre-School. We are covering the fees and the transport costs. By now, Tangeni has a brother called Jonas Volkan Shilongo – named after the founder of our association as sign of appreciation and gratitude.

Building of a concrete wall:
For the protection of the children and adolescents

The School Project is situated close to a fast traffic road. Together with the staff we decided to build a concrete wall around the property to ensure the safety of the children and adolescents. The wall was painted in several small stages between 2015 and 2019 with the support of volunteers, children and adolescents.

Purchase and fitting-out of a vessel container:
New classroom and library

In March 2016, we bought a 12 m long ship container at the port of Walvis Bay because we realised that more children could benefit from the offers of the School Project but that there was a simple lack of space for that. The container needed to be fitted out, re-build and equipped with furniture. The effort was worth it: the container is now being used as classroom and library. The container that during its lifetime was shipped around the world has become a place to learn and relax.

Renovation of the school containers

During the last decade, wind and weather have taken a heavy toll on the containers of the school project. Because of the salty humidity of Swakopmund, the timbers were swollen and the colours were bleached by the wind. To ensure the sustainability of all school containers, we replaced the timber and organized a fresh painting. Additionally, we replaced old, broken windows and damaged doors and locks. Also the floors in the pre-school were newly laid.

Building a playground

We decided to construct a decent playground on the property of the school project. We issued an application to BILD hilft e.V. “Ein Herz für Kinder” and were granted a partial financial cover. The swing, seesaw and slide were installed in our presence so we were able to supervise the project personally and give additional tips to ensure the safety of the children. We had to expand the already present concrete wall to install the playground in a safe area.


We had the vision to offer a healthy little meal to the children and adolescents and distribute a huge load of fruits and vegetables every week. We got into contact with the local supermarket and asked for support in the realization of our “Fruit Kitchen”. The manager was very helpful and open towards our idea. In exchange, the supermarket receives a monthly expense allowance.

Construction of a kitchen

It is our vision, that every school day can be enriched with a warm meal in the future. In 2018, we bought a small vessel container which we re-constructed to a small kitchen with electricity and stove. The main dish is corn porridge (called “Pap” in Namibia) with sauce and vegetables or meat. We are working together to achieve continuity and to offer the meal every day. We are still in a trial phase.

Offer of scholarships

We decided to offer impecunious adolescents with the wish to study the opportunity of a scholarship. Our goal is to support the young people in their challenge to one day find a good employment. There are set requirements that must be met to receive such a scholarship. Scholarship holder Maria Elago is studying since 2018 “Accounting and Finances” at the “Lingua International Training College” in Windhoek and Tulimeke Ngishikungu is studying “Bachelor of Arts” in English at the “University of Namibia” since the beginning of 2019.

Road trips

We try to cooperate with local tourism companies with the wish to offer trips. It is important to us to offer the children and adolescents the possibility to escape daily life for a moment and to explore and learn sth. new. By that, fun and joy can be connected with education. We are glad to organize one or more trips per year and to cover the costs for food if needed.

Special encounters and festivities at the school project

The School Project is revived by continuously celebrated traditions to which all the staff, the students and all children are looking forward to. Every special event is celebrated together – by that memories are created, and solidarity strengthened. We are very happy that we can revive festivities like Christmas or Easter every year, as children need traditions that give them a sense of security and safety.

Renovation of sanitary facilities

There are no sanitary facilities in the whole township which are connected to a drainage system, also not the School Project. But we have the advantage of having an underground septic tank below into which the excretions are channelled. This tank serves the houses that are not connected to the public drainage system. Every couple of years it needs to be emptied by a vacuum tanker. The condition of the sanitary facilities worsened in the last couple of years due to excessive use by children and adults: the toilets were broken, too small, too tight and starting to become unhygienic. A further use of the toilet would have been intolerable. Together we decided for the renovation of the existing sanitary facilities.

A new classroom

The existing classrooms were inadequate due to the high number of children and adolescents. In order to meet the need for premises, we decided to build a new classroom on the site of the school project in 2018. We bought a 6m long shipping container, which was transformed into a teaching and learning room with connection to electricity. In the future, this space can also be used by the community and will cover the low rent running costs. We stick to it and report on the development of this space.

Soccer team

The School Project is proud of its soccer team Rollers FC which was brought to life by the teacher Dina Muningirua. Soccer is an important topic in the DRC, an area where criminality and violence are part of the daily life. Soccer passes essential values like fairness, respect and the ability to work in a team to the young people. We collect and distribute donations, cover application fees and transport costs to tournaments. Connected to soccer: Urs Meier, former FIFA referee, is honorary member of our association. If needed, he will show the red card.

The heart of the project:
the teachers

We support the School Project with a monthly amount of money so that it is able to pay its employees and to continuously offer free education. We are partly/fully covering the salary of three full-time employees: Dina Muningirua, Efraemine Naruses and Robert Nembia. The teachers are receiving energetic support by 2 volunteers of the German Red Cross.

OPEN DOORS scholarship

Just as many other countries, Namibia is facing several challenges including unequal income distribution and a high unemployment rate. In the light of these challenges, the government, high educational institutions, the economy but also the civil societies and individuals are needed to implement promising and sustainable initiatives to improve the wellbeing of everyone. We tackle the root of the problem and support by access to free education.

In the year 2018, we felt the need to support namibian adolescents with the wish to study. We brought our OPEN DOORS scholarship to life. During personal conversations we saw the potential, determination and motivation of the students for further education. Therefore we are very happy to now play an important role in the educational path of these motivated students and we hope that through the opportunity of our scholarship we will be able to support them in finding a well-payed job and choose the profession they desire.

Our requirements for the grant of an OPEN DOORS scholarship are:

If you fulfill the requirements and you need an OPEN DOORS scholarship for financing your studies, we would be happy to support you. To clarify the necessity, we kindly ask you to fill in the following online application form. You can also print the offline application form and send us a scan via email.

application form (online)
application form (PDF)



We decided to take the Project “Creabuntu” managed by Elke Reinauer under our umbrella and give her the support she fully deserves. During her internship in Windhoek, she fell in love with the country and the kids with whom she was working. Since this time, she is spending her time giving drama workshops in schools in Katutura and is experiencing the wish to found a self-running art school for children and adolescents. In this art school, the children can learn about visual and performing arts, attend music classes and have room for free creative development.

Creabuntu is destined to give children the opportunity to develop abilities like self-confidence, creativity, integrity, discipline, empathy and to further encourage them with the workshops. The workshops are already taking place regularly but we need your help to run an art school soon and thereby provide an independent contact point for children and adolescents.

What does Creabuntu actually mean? This and a lot more, you can find on following website: www.creabuntu.de

Donations to our bank account with intended purpose “Creabuntu” are very welcome.


Honorary members

Barbara Hahlweg

German Television (ZDF) - Anchor

“I am very impressed about what the young group around Volkan Sazli has achieved. After a voluntary year in Namibia, he had the firm intent to sustainably continue his support for the people. And that’s what they simply do. Highly dedicated, extremely clever and with remarkable success. Necessarily worth supporting.”


YouTube Star

“I could convince myself personally of the association’s work on site at the School Project in Namibia. Here, I know to where to donations go. I am supporting this association with heart, passion and my whole community.”

Urs Meier

German Television (ZDF) - soccer expert & FIFA referee

“As ambassador of Kindernothilfe (emergency relief for children) I know about the suffering and hardship around the globe. As a honorary member, I am glad to be a part of this association.”


Sebastian Meyer, in the internet known as Rewinside, has more than 3 million followers on YouTube and is therefore one of Germany’s most famous YouTuber who is supporting us.

Once a year, the YouTuber runs a 24 hrs Charity Live Stream. Since 2016 it has become a fixed institution in his programme. Within 24 hrs the spectators can enjoy an amusing, diverse and exciting programme with prominent guests in which everyone has the possibility to donate any kind of amount. Thanks to the participation of numerous sponsors, spectators and guests, donations of around 150.000€ were collected in the last years (2016, 2017, 2019) which were meant for projects in- and outside of Germany. Our association was also allowed to enjoy the generous support through which we could not only cover ongoing fixed costs but were also able to realize other projects.

In 2017, we and Rewinside together went on a journey to Namibia together so he could convince himself personally and on site about the School Project. Thank you for accompanying us on our way, dear Rewinside.



With this association, we want to engage ourselves for the people in Namibia and to provide them with access to education and medical aid. This challenge can only be mastered with your financial support. If you have the wish to become part of our little family, we will be happy to receive your filled-in and signed application of membership. You can decide how high your membership fee shall be and if you want to donate monthly or annually. We are happy about one-time donations as well. We are looking forward to your donation on following bank account:

Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V.
Sparkasse Köln Bonn
DE72 3705 0198 1934 4561 51

We are also providing you with a donation receipt if requested.

In case you want to donate for the project “Creabuntu” of Elke Reinauer, please note “Creabuntu” as use.



Thank You for the annual donation and the long-term support.

Thank You for organising tourist trips in Namibia and within connected donation.

Thank You for the generous donation and the long-term support

Thank You Peter for voluntarily creating and maintaining our website.

Thank you Cynthia for designing our pamphlet for free.

We are very grateful for the support from the Charity “Ein Herz für Kinder” and the support of the amount of 5.634,00€ for the construction of the playground in March 2017.


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