In the 2019 EMIS education statistics, it is reported that the dropout rate at schools is up to 5.6 % and the repetition rate 16.7 % nationwide. These alarming figures attest to the overburdening of many school children who do not receive additional support in the form of tutoring outside of regular school hours. Especially children from the townships have few opportunities to do their homework at home, as they do not have a proper workplace with light. The ODEC will therefore provide pupils with individual support in doing their homework. With this support, we work against the high repetition and drop-out rates in schools and promote a path to secondary education. For this purpose, we will provide two spacious rooms with a capacity for 25 children each. Writing materials will be lent and computers belonging to the project will be provided for research tasks. Each room will be under the supervision of a teacher who will offer support in school and personal issues whenever needed.