Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V.

DRC School Project & Community Centre

The School Project & Community Centre, where we spent a year as volunteers with the help of the German Red Cross, is situated on the sandy grounds of the Namib desert, in the midst of the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC); a slum in the Namibian town Swakopmund. This project serves the whole community and concentrates on the needs of children and teenagers. The hope for work attracts many people from the North of Namibia to come to the coast, during the last decade this lead to the formation of poor suburbs. This is why most of the people living in the DRC do not have any or just irregular work and are forced to live under unfavourable circumstances. A few thousand people are living there without electricity and running water.

The School Project uses large containers to form its classrooms. Two of the classrooms are made of three wielded containers. There are two separate containers as well which act as classrooms for the pre-schoolers.

In the large containers of the DRC School Project & Community Centre, children and teenagers who have difficulties attending a governmental school receive free education from volunteers and paid employees. The variety of offered facilities range from homework assistance to computer classes.

This Centre is a non-governmental organisation which is surviving through material and financial donations. Despite the small and limited funding, the School Project is able to take children from the street and give them back pleasure in life.

We want to continue our support for the School Project. This support includes providing provisions of a range of learning materials for the numerous children as well as small and big renovation work to transform this place into a paradise for children, so all our fosterlings can enjoy their childhood carefreely and to the utmost.


The association

The association “Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V” for the furtherance of children, youth, family aid and non-governmental organizations in Namibia is registered at the district court Cologne and was granted its benefit to the public through the fiscal authorities Cologne-North in December 2015.

The association arose from the wish to support the single mother Beatha Shilongo, to guarantee her an assurance of good health and to give access to education for her son. Further on, we would like to continue our material support of the School Project & Community Centre, so that it can provide further programmes for the children and teenagers.

The basic module for this association is placed, but we still have many big challenges in front of us. These challenges can be overcome with the help and support of sponsors and like-minded individuals. Our association’s philosophy is to spend the money personally on site and never give it into the hands of a third party. We are achieving this goal by taking journeys to Namibia every six months, which not only ensures the personal contact with our colleagues at the Project but also helps to get an idea of their wishes and needs. Good collaboration and communication are more important to us than only concentrating on the flow of money.



We decided to take the Project “Creabuntu” managed by Elke Reinauer under our umbrella and give her the support she fully deserves. During her internship in Windhoek, she fell in love with the country and the kids with whom she was working. Since this time, she is spending her time giving drama workshops in schools in Katutura and is experiencing the wish to found a self-running art school for children and adolescents. In this art school, the children can learn about visual and performing arts, attend music classes and have room for free creative development.

Creabuntu is destined to give children the opportunity to develop abilities like self-confidence, creativity, integrity, discipline, empathy and to further encourage them with the workshops. The workshops are already taking place regularly but we need your help to run an art school soon and thereby provide an independent contact point for children and adolescents.

What does Creabuntu actually mean? This and a lot more, you can find on following website: www.creabuntu.de

Donations to our bank account with intended purpose “Creabuntu” are very welcome.



Shilongo Family

The Shilongo family consists of single mother Beatha and her two sons who we got to know and love during our one-year voluntary service in Namibia 2014. She always touched us with her life stories, her ambitions, her wishes and her dreams. She captured us and made us reflect on our own precious life in Germany. We decided to give her back what life has given us in great abundance: Love and support.

When we met Beatha, she owned a Tuck Shop, where she sold food to generate an income and sustain herself and her child. Today she is selling sweet baked goods and other home-cooked food like fish and meat.

The Shilongo family is our "adopted" family and during all our journeys to Namibia, it is one of our main interest to visit and look after them. Currently, we are paying the Health Insurance of the family, so they can visit the doctor without hesitation. Sadly, this is a great privilege for many people living in the Township.

Building of a concrete wall

We decided to build a concrete wall around the School Project to ensure the safety of all kids. A fast traffic road runs directly next to the property and we wanted to prevent a tragic accident. In cooperation with the association “Projekt Kleine Engel”, we were able to realize the idea.

60.000 N$

vorher Before

nachher After

Painting of the concrete wall

To celebrate the completion of construction work, we bought buckets of paint to bring some shine and Gloria to the Project, get kids involved into the plan and make them a part of the whole. We had a lot of fun and in the evening, we looked like painting each other instead of the wall.

Buy of a vessel container

In March 2016, we bought a container from the Container Terminal at the port of Walvis Bay to transform it into a classroom and be able to integrate more kids and teenagers into the DRC School Project. Because such a plan is not settled by just buying the container, we still had to upgrade it with a new roof, door and three windows.

30.000 N$

Modifications on the container

To protect the Container from Swakopmund’s moisture and salty mist, our builders applied the red rust-protection paint on the roof and screwed on the new roof panels. Our confidant on site took over the cutting of openings for door and windows and the installation of aluminium frames. The company commissioned by us installed the door and three windows afterwards.

25.835,60N$ in total



Strong tables for break time

For providing the learners with nice seating areas outside the classroom to eat and relax, we chose three large, round tables.

4500 N$

Renovations of the School Containers

During the last decade, wind and moisture have taken a heavy toll on the old classrooms and some of the timber has swollen. Those had to be replaced as fast as possible to guarantee the safe usage of the classrooms in future times. We bought new wood, paint, nails, etc. and hired a person to cut the wood into the right shapes. The same person committed himself to the renovation work and performed miracles.

Expenditures (installation excluded):
6124,56 N$



Expansion of the concrete wall

To guarantee the safety of each child, we decided to construct a wall between the playground and the fast traffic road. The amount that had to be paid has been summoned with the help of “Ein Herz für Kinder e.V.”

35.000 N

Salary of three teachers

Effy Naruses decided to take over half of the kids and opened a second pre-school class. For more than six months, she taught our kids voluntarily. We decided to support her by paying her a decent salary since August 2016.

During our work in the DRC School Project we got to know Robert Nembia, who was a teacher for adult literacy classes at the time. When we heard that he will graduate soon from university we offered him to work as a teacher at the centre, which he happily accepted. We are paying him a salary since January 2018.

Since it's early years Dina Muningirua, the good soul of the DRC School Project helps the whole project to function. We could not imagine the Centre without her work. Even after hours she is there for all matters from the learners and steps in for the rights of her children. Furthermore she also very successfully leads the soccer team of the DRC school project. Due to her extraordinary commitment, we decided to top up her salary.

Additionally, we agreed on paying Social Security for all the teachers.

Monthly Expenditures:
5.500 N$


We are supervising many kids who have never attended an adventurous or enjoyable trip or just left their hometown. We have started cooperations and are getting in regular contact with local tourist agencies to plan a wonderful day for the kids. Because of that, we have the possibility to go on Catamaran Tours, Camel Riding, Desert Trips or Golfing. If the agencies wish to get a small expense allowance, we cover this fee and provide food provisions.

Playground with “Ein Herz für Kinder e.V.“ and Youtube-Star Rewinside

In September 2017, we submitted an application to „Ein Herz für Kinder e.V.“ (“A heart for children”) and received a grant of 5.634,00 € for the construction of a playground. We committed ourselves to this project in March 2017. Construction and installation of the playground started expeditiously and the swing, slide and seesaw are already placed on the property. The costs for construction and installation of 11.397,00 € in total was exceeding the original budget provided by “Ein Herz für Kinder”. Therefore, we are very grateful for the generous donation by Youtube-Star Rewinside. An amount of 11.057,00 € were summoned by him and his audience during a charity event. Now, the kids find the opportunity to explore their abilities, learn more and to recognize their own limits on the playground. It became a place of social togetherness.


Fruitkitchen (Fruits for children)

During our journey in April 2017, we got into contact with the local supermarket Fruit&Veg and asked for support for realizing a Fruitkitchen. The manager was very supportive and we made an agreement: Our School Projects is receiving 120 bananas, apples or oranges every Wednesday and we are paying a monthly fee of 1300 N$. By this and with our current budget, we can cover 1 to 2 days a week during which we can provide a small healthy snack to our children. We hope to be able to cover all working days soon because the access to healthy nutrition is very expensive and many children have a very unbalanced diet.

Monthly Expenditures:
1300 N$

Scholarship for Maggy Elago

For years, Maggy was attending at the DRC School Project and taking part in the homework classes. She has successfully graduated by now and is actively helping at the Centre. She continuously had the dream to attend a computer course to learn about the handling of the computer and diverse programs. We happily took over the fees for such a training course at the "International University of Management" (IUM) for seven months. We are very proud of her and the results and that strengthen our motivation to further support her in her three year diploma in accounting and finance at “International Training College Lingua” It is our future wish to grant internships and studies to more young people who cannot afford the attendance in a training course or at University.

Monthly Expenditures:
1.660 N$

Support by Adidas and DFB

The DFB and Adidas stand for tolerance and respect. Their message #JederFürJeden (#EveryoneForEveryone) was highlighted through a wonderful donation we received. Our soccer team is now very well equipped with new Adidas shoes and the original DFB football shirts. The boys are pretty proud, grateful and motivated to gain a title in the coming tournaments. With our association, we will further support the soccer team “Desert Rollers”, so they will be able to play against other teams in several towns and to forget their daily routine in the township for a short while. By the way: even careers like the one of Christiano Ronaldo have once started on a basic cinder pitch.

The Team

Volkan Sazli 1st chairman

Volkan is working as artist assistant at space artist management. His primary area of responsibility consists of: public relations work, fundraising and winning sponsorships.


Malina John 2nd chairwoman

Malina studies Biochemistry at the Eberhard-Karls Universität in Tübingen. Her primary area of responsibility consists of: Finances and international representation of the association.


Theresa Rhode Advisory Board

Theresa studies Social Work at the college Erfurt. As an advisor, she is supporting the management board in all its functions. She is taking over the communication to external service providers and manages own projects in Namibia.


Jens Detmold Trust Person

Jens works as Assistant Manager in the Golf Club at Rossmund Lodge in Swakopmund and as confident on site, he takes care of all projects in Namibia during our absence and is our contact person in all respects.



Honorary members

Barbara Hahlweg

German Television (ZDF) - Anchor

“I am very impressed about what the young group around Volkan Sazli has achieved. After a voluntary year in Namibia, he had the firm intent to sustainably continue his support for the people. And that’s what they simply do. Highly dedicated, extremely clever and with remarkable success. Necessarily worth supporting.”


YouTube Star

“I could convince myself personally of the association’s work on site at the School Project in Namibia. Here, I know to where to donations go. I am supporting this association with heart, passion and my whole community.”

Dr. Rüdiger von Stengel

Managing Director of Art-Invest Real Estate Management GmbH & Co. KG

“I consider the work of Volkan Sazli admirable and honourable.”

Urs Meier

German Television (ZDF) - soccer expert & FIFA referee

“As ambassador of Kindernothilfe (emergency relief for children) I know about the suffering and hardship around the globe. As a honorary member, I am glad to be a part of this association.”


Annually, the YouTuber Rewinside is supporting us with his community via a 24-hour Charity Livestream which is dedicated to our association. For 24 hours, an entertaining programme is offered to all spectators in which everyone has the possibility to donate an optional amount. In the year 2016, a donation amount of 12.000 € and in 2017 an incredible amount of 54.000 € were gathered. We are grateful for the long-term support.



With this association, we want to engage ourselves for the people in Namibia and to provide them with access to education and medical aid. This challenge can only be mastered with your financial support. If you have the wish to become part of our little family, we will be happy to receive your filled-in and signed application of membership. You can decide how high your membership fee shall be and if you want to donate monthly or annually. We are happy about one-time donations as well. We are looking forward to your donation on following bank account:

Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V.
Sparkasse Köln Bonn
DE72 3705 0198 1934 4561 51

We are also providing you with a donation receipt if requested.

In case you want to donate for the project “Creabuntu” of Elke Reinauer, please note “Creabuntu” as use.



Thank You for the annual donation and the long-term support.

Thank You for organising tourist trips in Namibia and within connected donation.

Thank You for the generous donation and the long-term support

Thank You Peter for voluntarily creating and maintaining our website.

Thank you Cynthia for designing our pamphlet for free.

We are very grateful for the support from the Charity “Ein Herz für Kinder” and the support of the amount of 5.634,00€ for the construction of the playground in March 2017.


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